Domain Projects

Domain Projects is the most trusted name in project marketing on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In over 25 years they have delivered to the market over 100 of the Northern Beaches finest apartment and town house projects that have all stood the test of time. No other company has a comparable track record or the intimate knowledge of the design and development process.

Domains market niche has traditionally been delivering very high end architecturally designed apartments and town houses traditionally aimed at downsizing owner occupiers and to date they have helped over 2,000 northern beaches locals’ right size into the perfect low maintenance home.

Our team of full-time professional agents are the leaders in their field and understand the process of purchasing off the plan better than all the other agents on the beaches. If you are looking to purchase a luxury new apartment, then with Domain's track record your future is secure. Domain only aligns itself with the most trusted and established developers in Northern Sydney.

We look forward to discussing your lifestyle requirements and helping you find the perfect place to call home.


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